Un nuovo cuginosko! Brian Lue Sang

Ciao Girlz!
Oggi vi scrivo brevemente per farvi notare che un nuovo amico s'è aggiunto tra i maschietti della Pusciastova: Brian! Grazie Giulia per aver fatto il passaparola ^^

Brian è veramente bravo, sta facendo la scuola di fumetto e dice:

'Hi everyone! My name is Brian and I'm an illustration student. I would like to work on comic books and book covers.'

Andatevi a vedere il suo blog, merita veramente! http://brianluesang.blogspot.com

Hi Girlz!
Today I write a short post to introduce a new male friend of the Pusciastova family: Brian! Thanks Giulia for having spread the word on ^_^ Brian is really talented, he is a student and says
'Hi everyone! My name is Brian and I'm an illustration student. I would like to work on comic books and book covers.'
Check his blog out, it is worth seeing! http://brianluesang.blogspot.com

10 commenti:

  1. Hi Brian!!
    Welcome to the "family"!! ^^

  2. So, we have a cousin!

    Hi Brian, I'm the one and "official" brother-in-law of the Pusciastova!

    Welcome aboard! ^______^


  3. Welcome! I'm the unoffical brother in law. The Black Sheep.

  4. everybody join their english now!
    hi brian, welcome among us!

  5. Hi Cousin Brian!!
    Welcome to the Pusciastova family I hope that you get on well with us XDXD

  6. Oh WOW!!! You are all so kind! Thank you very much for the warm welcome!! :D

    Skleromucill - Thank you! I'm very happy to be part of the family!

    Mattia and Jinja - Thank you for your warm welcome, official and unoffical brothers-in-law :)

    Yukiko - Thank you! Now I need to learn some Italian! :D

    Piccola - Thanks for having me in the Pusciastova family! I certainly hope to get to know all of you!

  7. XD LOL it's awesome having you all here, and everybody in English as well :D

    Welcome aboard, dear Brian, and Hi Official and Unofficial brothers in law!

    :* a big hug to my favorite girlz and boyz :)

  8. we're getting international here! :D soooo glad to have new friends in our family!
    Kisses to all

  9. Thank you Patti and Kat! You both have been wonderful!

  10. Brian, finally I can see you here in Pusciastova!!
    yeeee! I'm so happy ^o^
    hope you like this blog :D
    feel free to send me or Patty and Kat your beautiful drawings, we'll post them soon!

    GiuliA ^,^


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